Hiking in style

Nike swoosh bra, Nike Free Run Sneakers, Lululemon tights, Hollister Hip Pack

Hello beauty! I hope your week is going well! The weekend is almost in sight, so keep on trudging though my friend!

I recently went hiking in Dundas Valley Conservation Area and I loved it! There’s such a beautiful trail which is perfect for beginners! It doesn’t seem as though many people are aware of this trail since Alexei and I were hiking mostly by ourselves (there were one or two people walking or jogging by) so we relished in the quiet escape into nature. I highly recommend this hike for anyone who’s a nature lover and just want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings. It was so heartwarming to see the squirrels in their true element!

For the hike, I wore my favourite pair of tights from Lululemon, which is no longer in stock but I’ve linked a similar item here. I also wore this super comfortable Nike Swoosh Women’s Sports Bra which I LOVE! Sometimes sports bras can fit too snug because of the material but this one fit like a gem! I love the bright colour as well- the peach really pops, don’t you think?!

For the tank top, this Nike Breathe Miler was chosen as the tank material is so unbelievably light and breathable- perfect for a morning run! Of course another reason for choosing this tank is that the peach colour matches the sports bra which is absolutely love!

I decided to rock my favourite hip pack (or fanny pack as we used to call it!) from Herschel and am linking a very similar item here. This pack got me through my South America trip where I hiked high above the Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina, through the sand dunes in Huacachina and in Machu Picchu, Peru. Needless to say I have somewhat of an attachment to this pack, since it reliably held my travel documents, cellphone and other essential items! I was also warned about people pick pocketing backpacks when hiking in South America, so I made the wise choice to keep all important items on my person and in front of me for safekeeping- best choice that I made as I was able to hike worry-free and have peace of mind.

The kicks that I wore are my favourite pair of Nike Free Run Flyknit Grey Sneakers which are so versatile for hiking and light running. The shoes fit like a glove and conform easily to my feet. They’re also super stylish yet practical, which is important to me even while enjoying an outdoor activity! Always step out stylish my friend- no matter where you’re headed! I’ve linked a similar pair here!

That’s all for today my dear, I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and that it helps you with choosing some fashionable yet comfortable wear for outdoor activities! Let me know in the comments below what’s your go-to hiking outfit! Would love some other ideas! Bye for now love! xoxo

~ Lissy

Palm print bikini 🌴

Hi friend!
I’m writing this short post as I’m lounging by the pool with a cold beverage in hand 😎

I just wanted to share quickly with you this pink palm leaf bikini which is only CA$18.00! The knot bandeau and high cut bottom is such a fun tropical look for a vacation! The matching floral bikini set is so damn cute, that I had to take a picture! Click link below for swim details and take advantage of this fun swimsuit before it goes out of stock! 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xoxo

~ Lissy

Random Tropical Bandeau With High Leg Bikini Set

Hello Sunshine! Feeling sunny in this bright and bold bikini 🌞

Hello my loves!

I’m sorry for being so MIA but life has been super hectic this year! I spent the first three months of 2019 studying for my Project Management Professional exam and I aced it on the first try! I intend to share a post on all the resources that I used to successfully pass such a comprehensive exam, so look out for it! 😉
Apart from achieving the PMP designation, I recently visited the Caribbean for two weddings and I’m so excited to  share the tropical outfits that I wore on the trip!

Let’s start with this bright and bold swimsuit- I’ve been loving the high waist bottoms, and this piece is perfect for a sunny day at the beach or pool! I ordered a size Small and it’s only CA$19.00 (US$14.00). I especially love the pop of yellow against this multi-color feather patterned beach blanket, which is only CA$14.00 (US$10.00).
Finally, what’s a beach day without beach sandals? Even a beach outing deserves a cute pair of slides and this footwear is PERFECT for a day out, whether on the sand or the streets. The cute decorative bow adds a feminine touch, don’t you think? Scroll down for photos and links to each item!

With summer season fast approaching, I’ll be sure to post the perfect attire for every outing! Bye for now dolls! xoxo

~ Lissy

Textured Bandeau With High Cut Bikini Set – US$14.00

Ombre Feather Print Round Beach Blanket – US$10.00

Bow Slide – CA$25.95

Fashion- Button Front Bodycon Dress

Happy Hump Day friends!!

Today’s post features this super trendy bodycon midi-dress from Dynamite clothing. As you know, I was on vacation in Barbados (follow me on IG @livinglissy for travel photos!) and this dress (size XS) was the perfect resort wear for dinner. I paired it with these comfortable yet stylish brown wedges and of course a glass of Pinot Grigio- doesn’t it match so well with the color of the dress? 😉

My favourite features of this dress are the buttons and the slit at the front which gives for a slightly revealing look.

The best news is that this dress was under $50 when I purchased it but it’s currently 40% off at a price of only $30!!

Enjoy loves! xoxo


Button Front Bodycon Dress

Fashion- Nautical swimwear ⚓

Hi ladies!

Today’s post covers one of my favorite swimsuits, which is a nautical themed one piece! I especially love the deep V neck and floral embroidery at the front with the low scoop at the back of the swimsuit.

Nautical theme immediately makes me think of water, and what better way to associate it with swimwear, am I right?!

As I mentioned, I usually purchase my swimsuits at local Caribbean stores, which don’t include links for you to shop directly, however, I have included some similar and affordable items below 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Enjoy! xoxo





Travel- Turks and Caicos at Beaches All-inclusive Resort!

Hello friends!!

I‘m writing this to you with a sun kissed glow and the sweet sounds of reggae music playing in the background to remind myself of my best life in paradise. It’s only been a few days and the feeling of nostalgia has overcome me- you see, I recently came back from the wonderful tropical island that is Turks and Caicos, and wanted to share my experience with you all!

I went with my parents & brother, and another family group so there was never a dull moment while on the trip! I took the American Airlines flight from Toronto to Miami to meet my family, and then a connecting flight from Miami to Turks & Caicos. When we arrived at the beautiful island of Providenciales, my mind and body was instantly relaxed as I felt the tropical breeze and caught sight of the magnificent palm trees, which made for an unforgettable moment!


The hotel we stayed at is the Beaches resort, which is the family resort to the Sandals hotel chain. It is located on the north coast of the Providenciales island and everything about the hotel is beautiful- from the tasteful décor to the food to the friendly staff to the beach itself! The complimentary airport shuttle which was so well coordinated, took us to where we were staying- the ‘Caribbean village’. There are 5 villages for guests to choose from with a unique element embodied in each village- Seaside village, French village, Italian village, Caribbean village and Key West village. The Caribbean village was situated by the garden for a botanical garden aesthetic, the French and Italian villages were uniquely distinguishable with its elegant architecture, and the Key West village gave more of a sophisticated, higher-end feel. Our room was the Caribbean Honeymoon Grande Luxe with the Resort Grounds Room View.
We were greeted by tall glasses of cocktails with the tiny umbrellas to commence the true start of our all-inclusive vacation! We quickly checked in and headed to our room, which was spacious and wonderfully decorated with palm tree photographs, to evoke the feeling of ‘Island Life’! The aesthetics of the hotel is something to be truly admired, as the massive grounds are cleaned and tended to each and every day, with giant palm trees hovering over the resort. There are so many pools that I couldn’t keep count- and there’s also a lazy river pool at the resort! Needless to say, much of our time was spent here- as the saying holds ‘Just Go With The Flow’ 😉


Eager to dip our toes into the water (our bodies longing for the warm salt water thanks to the extended unwelcoming cold weather), the family soon headed to the beach, where we walked on the hot white sand which spans for 12 miles, and swam in the breathtakingly clear turquoise water. Every morning we would wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise as well as to hold our favorite cabana spot- this is SUPER POPULAR!!! If you don’t pay the extra amount to reserve a spot or for butler service, then you need to ensure that you wake up early and place your belongings on the seat the morning of (not from the night before, otherwise they would be removed) in order to hold the spot for the day. Guests actually compete with each other trying to secure it first, as we realized throughout the trip that people were waking up earlier and earlier in order to try and claim the spot, but every morning, we beat them to it! Apart from swimming in the gorgeous water, we used the floatable doughnut (courtesy of Beaches resorts) to relax and sip champagne in the sea, but again- you do need to go as early as possible in order to secure the doughnut, as it is extremely popular! When we weren’t wading and floating in the water, we were trying out the water sports! The all-inclusive package offers a range of water sports which are perfect for adults and the little ones! We did kayaking, hobiecat sailing, snorkeling and tons more! 


With 21 dining options, we found ourselves with the only important decision to make while on the trip- WHERE TO EAT? As we only stayed for 10 days, we found it crucial to do our research prior to the trip, and decide on a few must go to restaurants, yet we still struggled to choose among the others as they all looked so incredibly good- and trust me when I tell you, the food was FANTASTIC! Everything was so delicious, and towards the ending of the trip, my body clearly showed that I ate to my heart’s content! What I will recommend is to review all restaurants when planning for your trip- and note two important factors: 1.) The Dress Code (some restaurants are strict about wearing casual/beach wear when the ambience is that of fine dining, so just be sure to pack ‘resort wear’ which entails long pants and maybe a linen shirt for the guys and maxi dresses for the ladies and you’ll be good to go! 2.) Whether a reservation is required for the restaurant you plan on choosing- you can book in advance and state which days/times you would like to book for, so be mindful that this is also extremely important if you plan on visiting the most popular restaurants and especially during peak season! Here’s a short list of some of the restaurants that we visited:

Reflections Restaurant– This buffet restaurant serves local and international cuisine (perfect for those who want a blend and variety of dishes!). They also serve buffet breakfast so this was a bonus for our family as we are serious food lovers!

Kimonos Oriental Restaurant– I can still remember the night we had dinner here, because it was one of the most lively and vibrant dinners! With the teppanyaki cooking style, the chef made our dining experience so personal and intimate by engaging with the guests and even performing tricks with the food (he even threw the piece of chicken in the air into people’s mouths…it took me about 3 tries, but I finally got it- I like to think it was his poor skills, but sadly, that would be a lie!). The food was exquisite and the chef’s service was impeccable- truly a must visit when at this resort!

Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant The food here was quite flavorful- I ordered a creamy shrimp pasta dish and a seared lamb chop and both dishes did not disappoint! I recommend this place for all Italian cuisine lovers! The Tuscany ambience of this restaurant makes you feel like you’re dining in one of Italy’s finest restaurants!

Jerk Shack– PERFECT for lunching on the beach! I ate lunch here 8 out of the 10 days of our trip and the Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork were some of the best I’ve ever had!

Sky Lounge– We had breakfast and dinner here and the rooftop terrace view is remarkable and unique- with the morning view of the brilliant blue sea to the pink and yellow streaked sunset, this place certainly offers one of the most picturesque views!

Café de ParisThis quaint patisserie replicates Paris with its wrought ironed patio furniture, architecture and floral décor. The romantic ambience allows for relaxation while indulging in a sweet treat. The café offers croissants, pastries, tarts, cream puffs, crepe and an assortment of coffee beverages. I literally visited this café every single morning and sometimes in the evening as well!


The hotel offers a variety of entertainment, from the play lounges for the kids to Club Liquid for the teenagers to the theatre shows for the families- the quality of the theatre performances is really quite exceptional- be sure to check the event schedule posted each week to stay in the know with the daily activities and nightly events! One of the trip highlights is the Cricketer’s Pub, which is a fantastic pub for adults to drink, dance and even play BINGO! What a fun and magical night it was, watching the dance group perform each night with a different theme- one night the group performed a Michael Jackson tribute and it was absolutely AMAZING! We were all standing, cheering and dancing during the unforgettable and impressive performance. Once the party begins at 11pm, the D.J plays local music and even encourage the guests to join on the dance floor!


This shop is so incredibly cute with so many knick-knacks and beautifully hand crafted souvenirs, that I’m almost certain I got a tad carried away and over purchased items for my family and friends- but it was well worth it! From cheese plates to coconut carved candles, to jewelry dishes, these trinkets beat the traditional t-shirts, magnets and postcards (which they do also sell) by a long shot! I highly recommend checking out the unique tokens at this shop if you’re thinking of buying memorable souvenirs!


My family and I decided to book a photography session, this being our first trip to Turks & Caicos and it was a wonderful and hilarious experience! Our photographer, Mr. Nobody was extremely professional and so entertaining- he made us feel like it was a celebrity shoot! He even gave us helpful tips on how to pose properly for the perfect photos! We bought the package afterwards and were so impressed with the high quality photographs that we even decided to order a canvas print! This is a must do if you’re visiting the resort- the photos and memories captured last a lifetime!

I’ve realized that this is quite possibly one of my longest posts, and I hope you made it all the way to the ending, because I just had to share my wonderful experience with you all! 🙂

My family and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we extended our stay at the island of paradise (truth be told, the restaurant options may have played a major role in our decision!). We’re already planning for next year’s trip, and whether to make Beaches, Turks and Caicos an annual or bi-annual vacation because trust me, when you do visit- you’ll forget about your worries and stress and leave the island feeling like you were at a palace and treated like royalty! If you’ve ever visited the island, please leave your comment below on which resort you stayed at and what you loved most about it!

I’ve shared some of my favorite and most memorable photos below if you fancy taking a look!

We’ll talk soon friends- bye for now! 🙂

Travel- Road trip to la Ville de Québec!

Hi friends!

Today’s post features my recent road trip to Québec City! I’m so excited to share with you the beautiful places that I visited and most importantly, the delicious food that I ate! Let’s get right into it 🙂

My work friends and I decided on doing a road trip to Québec City just for the weekend (admittedly, I was skeptical about traveling the long distance for such a short period of time), and we had done so much more than I had ever imagined in the 1 1/2 days of our visit! We left on Friday afternoon and planned to return to Toronto on Sunday evening. During the journey, we made a few pit stops at the en routes and even took a minor detour to Kingston! One of my favourite quotes states “See a detour as an opportunity to experience new things” and I try to embrace this approach in my daily life!

We also made a quick stop for dinner in Montreal at a quaint French bistro called Marché de la Villette, and then walked around Old Montreal for a bit. I always love visiting Old Montreal, as it encompasses the old and new architecture of the French and British colonization. While I’ve never visited it, this place evokes a feeling of France with its narrow, cobblestone roads and European style buildings. 

Some 12 hours later, we finally arrived at our destination! The road trip would have been around 8 hours in total, although, as we made a few detours, it took a bit longer. We didn’t do much but explore the house (which in all honesty, was a bit eerie with its Medieval Times ambience, but I digress) and got ready for the day ahead of us.

The next morning, we made our way through Vieux-Limoulou, as there was a street festival taking place. Included in the festival were street performances and vendors who were selling handmade items such as jewelry, crafts and food preserves. A few minutes into the festival, we were all starving and stumbled upon a quaint breakfast nook called Les Fistons Bistro, which served absolutely incredible brunch at an affordable price!  I ordered the Assiette Brunch and the combination of savory and sweet foods left me feeling very satisfied to begin the day’s activities!

Afterwards, we hopped into the car and drove straight to the next place on our itinerary- Parc national de la Jacques- Cartier! We began with what we thought was a short 3 km hike to the mountain top, but quickly learned that the hike itself turned out to be much longer than anticipated, so in total, we hiked an average of 5km and headed back to the car. We had to determine how long we’d stay at each place due to the fact that we only had one full day, and there were more places to visit! While we didn’t make it to the very top of the park, we enjoyed the scenic views at every stop which made for frame-worthy photos. As the famous saying goes, ‘Enjoy the journey, not only the destination’ and that’s exactly what we did!

The next stop on our agenda was Old Quebec (or shall I say VieuxQuébec) and this was definitely a highlight of the trip! We roamed the city like typical tourists with our cameras in hand and snapping as many photos as we could of all the gorgeous historical buildings while reading the descriptions in French (might I clarify that it was more along the lines of broken French, since French is not our first language!).  We were enjoying the sights of many cathedrals and government buildings until a sign captured our attention- the sight alone was enough to make us salivate: “Le Petit Château- Creperie”! We knew then and there that when in the French land, indulge in the French treats! Le Petit Château served a variety of savory and sweet crepes, pizzas, sandwiches and an assortment of fondues and dessert beverages. I opted for the Crêpe chocolat-noisette et bananes and it was delicious! My mouth is watering as I reminisce on how flavorful this treat tasted! When I think about the term sweet indulgence, this crepe comes to mind!

After this highly satisfying detour (detours seemed like a trend during this trip, but I love a combination of both a daily agenda, along with the element of spontaneity! :p), we headed to the lake at Vieux- Québec, where we also walked past the Jardins des Gouveneurs building and through The Battlefields Park. I was in wonderment of how quaint this area really is, from the remarkable building designs, to the detailed wrought-ironed railing, to the wide boardwalk overlooking the St. Lawrence River- I thought it set the perfect scene for a storybook!
The overall ambience evoked a feeling of serenity and completion, as the yellow and pink streaked skies marked the ending of what could only be described as an unforgettable day.

The next morning, we were all in disappointment that our trip would soon come to an end, but we had one last item on our agenda to fulfill- the Montmorency Falls! First, we stopped at theRestaurant Aucoin de Larue for brunch.  and I chose the ‘Le forestier Benedict (I’m a sucker for Eggs Benedict and will almost always choose it when out for brunch :p) which was absolutely divine!

Before making our way back to Ontario, we concluded the final activity on our list- the Montmorency Falls! Another highlight of the trip, these falls are exceptionally impressive, with a height of 83 metres and a surrounding landscape, including a hiking trail and a cable car ride. For those of you looking for an adrenaline rush, there is also a 300 metre zipline which crosses over the falls! The zipline and cable car rides both come at individual costs, but it’s completely worth it if visiting for the first time! We chose to walk on the bridge to see the view from the top and then went down the staircase to gaze at the stunning waterfall from the side of the cliff- what a wonder!! I stood there, gazing at the falls for a solid fifteen minutes, as the water was absolutely magnificent and captivating! The panoramic view is breathtaking, as it overlooks the cityscape and the lake. In terms of cost, the park itself is free of charge, but you do pay a fee for parking near the entrance of the falls (in our case, we parked across the street at a grocery and simply bought an item which allowed for us to then explore the park). For all you nature lovers out there, I highly recommend stopping by the Montmorency Falls as it really is a sight to see when visiting Québec City! It was the perfect spot for us to visit before embarking on our 8+ hour drive back to Toronto.

The overall trip was absolutely memorable and despite it being short and sweet- we still achieved everything that we wanted to do on our list. I honestly believe that this experience brought us closer not only as work colleagues, but as friends! To this day, we all make jokes and recall funny and even scary memories made from our Québec City travel and are already planning the next one- we’re considering Prince Edward Island! Stay tuned!
Here are some photos from the trip! J

If you’ve been to Québec City, do share your photos and experiences, as I’d love to learn more about the beautiful city and maybe learn some new places to visit next time!

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Talk soon! xoxo

~ Lissy

Dinner in Old Montreal

Rustic décor at

Marché de la Villette
Assiette Brunch at Les Fistons Bistro 

2 oeufs, jambon au romarin, saucisse, patates
sautées, mini chocolatine, crêpes au sirop d’érable, cretons, fèves au lard et pain au choix


Jacques-Cartier National Park

Le Petit Château

Crêpe chocolat-noisette et bananes

The Battlefields Park


Jardins des Gouveneurs
The Battlefields Park

Le forestier Benedict at Restaurant Aucoin de Larue

Oeufs pochés, jambon forêt noire, champignons, fromage brie sur muffin anglais, 

nappé de sauce hollandaise, pommes de terre, rôties, café


Views from the top at the Montmorency Falls

Side view of the falls