Fashion- High Rise Paperbag Shorts

Hi love!

How’s your Tuesday treating you? I find that Tuesday’s aren’t as dreadful as Monday’s, I guess because we’re already going through the motion (and by that I mean, the work week), but I still count down the days until the weekend!

Today’s post features the weekend outfit which I wore to the Ancaster Ribfest– mmm, love me some good pork and beef ribs! What about you? Have you ever been to ribfest? What’s your favourite food at the festival? I love the corn on the cob and blooming onions! 🥰

Alexei and I decided to try the Kentucky Smokehouse vendor and boy was the sauce darn good! (That’s about as country as I can speak! haha).

Let’s get into the outfit, shall we? I’m wearing this super comfortable high rise paperbag shorts with adjustable drawstrings (xs), and the style is so flattering for any body type! This item gives for a relaxed fit with a wide leg and is 90% Rayon material. The best feature about these shorts- they come with functional pockets on each side which add for such an easy casual look!

I’ve also linked a very similar item called the Riley Belted Short– it’s also a paperbag style and includes a removable belt and pockets (see, super similar!) so you can check out this item as well!

Both items can be styled with a crop top or even tucked into the shorts for a more fitted, yet relaxed feel. I find that usually with these wide leg or loose fitting pants, a fitted top pairs best otherwise it can look as though you’re drowning in your outfit! :p

I hope you enjoy this post and as always, feel free to leave a comment below! I’m curious to know what unique food festivals there are in your area and which is your favourite! 🙂

Enjoy your day and we’ll speak soon babe! xoxo

~ Lissy

Home- Bodum French Press ☕️

Happy Monday friend! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Alexei and I recently visited the cutest Creperie in Oakville called La Parisienne Crêperie (check out my blog post: ‘Travel: City Hop for Canada Day Weekend’ for the full details and photos!). Not only were the savoury and sweet crêpes so incredibly delicious, but the coffee’s aroma is sure to entice you into this quaint cafe!! The coffee tasted absolutely delicious and the server gave us our individual French Press for our coffees, and I was so impressed with the quality of the coffee, I just had to link the brand of the French Press and share with you! I’ve linked multiple options for your coffee needs.

Do you own a French Press? If you’re a coffee lover, then I highly recommend this item because there’s nothing better than a pot of freshly brewed coffee! ☕️

Let me know in the comments below if you purchase this product! Would love to know if you’re pleased with it 😊

Hope you have a great week ahead love and we’ll chat soon! xoxo

~ Lissy







Fashion- 4th of July styles with Lulus 🇺🇸

Happy 4th of July my loves!!! I’m sure all my American girls are celebrating in style today, so today, I wanted to share some of my favorite 4th of July looks from Lulus!

The first look features this beautiful My Philosophy Red Wrap Dress.The short flowing dress has a wrapping bodice with ties at both the waist and sleeves, making this dress super flirty for day or night out! Paired with this Hot to Dot Navy Blue and White Polka Dot Satin Scarf– this festive looks screams Happy 4th of July! To complete the look, pair these dainty gold earrings Arriba Red Tassel Earrings which add a fun bold statement to this outfit!

Another dress to pair with this Hot to Dot Navy Blue and White Polka Dot Satin Scarf is this gorgeous Shift and Shout Red Shift Dress, which features a rounded neckline with an exposed gold zipper at the back. This is another short sleeve flowy dress which can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats.  You can also pair the Arriba Red Tassel Earrings to this look, as these bright red earrings are so versatile!

The third look that I’m sharing is this adorable Cape Cod Red, White, and Blue Striped Off-the-Shoulder Dress dress which is so perfect to wear on any summer day!

If you’re looking for more coverage, this Tapas Red, White, and Blue Striped Wide-Leg Pants is so adorable for this itme of year- the wide leg pant is cool and breezy and can be paired with this All Your Love White Lace Crop Top– another outfit which embraces the 4th of July spirit!

If you prefer to wear jeans and are simply looking for a festive top to celebrate the holiday- then this Sunset Island Red Orange Embroidered Pompom Crop Top is perfect for you! The crochet detail on the square neckline, and festive pom poms trim both add a unique element to this cotton top!

Hope you all enjoy the holiday and chat soon! xoxo

~ Lissy

Disclosure: As a Lulus Affiliate, I receive a commission from purchases made through links in this post.

Beauty- Pride Inspired Rainbow Eye Makeup 🌈

Hi ladies!

Today, I’m sharing with you one of my favourite looks which I created for the Pride parade! I had so much fun with this project and received tons of compliments on it! It’s so easy to create, I simply looked at some photos on Pinterest (of course- who else agrees that Pinterest is life!?) and tailored it to my own liking to create this unique design. 

Two of the palettes which I used for this rainbow eye makeup include the Urban Decay Vice Palettes 1 & 4 (shown below), and unfortunately both are no longer in production, so I’m linking similar items which can be used to re-create this look!

Similar eyeshadow palettes:

To use as base layer 
For color vibrance with a wide selection of colours, you can use the Sephora PRO Editorial Palette- Limited Edition. I love the pearlescent finish which adds a luxurious touch (you can use this palette alone if you prefer, as the colours contain high pigment properties).

Another base layer which I also used for this look is the Mac Fashion Fanatic Palette which was perfect for capturing the vibrant hue that I needed for the pink/red colour. This palette is a limited edition so be be sure to grab it before it’s out of stock!

To use as a top layer
This Flamingo PRO Eyeshadow Palette offers a wide variety of shimmery tropical shades with all the colours of the rainbow to achieve that burst of colour!

As some of these palettes may be a bit pricey (especially if you won’t be using these colours on an everyday basis), I’ve also linked a more affordable palette available on Amazon called Tropical Eyeshadow Palette Docolor with 30 vibrant matte and glitter eyeshadow colours and it’s only US$17.99! I have not personally used this brand, and I am more familiar with the Sephora brand in terms of product quality, however, this particular item has received so much positive feedback on Amazon reviews that I decided to share with you if budget constraints are in mind 🙂 

I hope to film a video one day and share the step by step instructions on how to create this rainbow look, but until then, I hope you can use the photo as a guide on the color placement and overall look! This makeup is so versatile and can be used for Pride Parade, Mardi Gras, Carnival and even Halloween! 

I hope you have so much fun with your re-creation and please share your photos as I would love to see the variations of this look! 🙂

Bye for now ladies! xoxo

~ Lissy

Self-improvement- Goal setting techniques for a productive week!

Happy Monday friends!

One of my favorite sights to see are the Spring flowers blooming beautifully! 🌷🌺🌷🌼
Today I’m sharing some Monday motivation to help you achieve maximum productivity. Monday’s can be a drag for us all, but it helps to have a set goal for the week and aim to reach one step closer with passing each day. Goals give us a sense of purpose and satisfying these goals give us a sense of achievement and can increase our self actualization needs. I use each Sunday evening to reflect on the past week and determine what I can do better for the upcoming week. But the ‘What’ is not as much important as the ‘How’. How will I achieve this week’s goals, how will I measure the success of my goal and how will it add value to my life. Here are three important tips to set goals and stayed focused on goal attainment:
Tip #1: Define the ‘What’
Set aside some time on your Sunday evening to focus on what you’d like to accomplish this week and set attainable, realistic targets each day. Needless to say that a daily planner or agenda is essential for efficient and effective planning. You can purchase any agenda or planner from several stores (online or physical) such as Amazon, Indigo, Stationary stores, etc. These targets or objectives should be clearly defined with a purpose and method for execution within the specified time line (e.g. On Monday, I will schedule all appointments for the week with phone calls/emails and ensure follow up calls on Tuesday to confirm my appointments).
Tip #2: Define the ‘How’
Setting a goal is easy, but the follow through is what requires a significant amount of effort. The ‘How’ is where you execute the defined objective, while keeping your timeline in mind. It is the action undertaken to ensure that your goal is realized and adds the anticipated or expected outcome or impact as desired (e.g. On Tuesday, I will gather all necessary documents required for my appointment and review the checklist (if any) to ensure all criteria is met before my appointment on Wednesday) or (On Friday, I will review my agenda to ensure all appointments were met and if not, have been rescheduled or follow-up appointments made and confirmed).
Tip #3: Determine the impact of your goal and next steps
Here, you can determine whether the outcome of your goal has added value to your life, or whether it can be improved upon. This is the stage where you compare your desired target and realized outcome and analyze the impact of your goal- has it met your expected outcome? If not, then what could you have done differently to ensure maximum effectiveness of your goal. This is also called the ‘Lessons Learned’ stage and should always be conducted after each objective or goal is realized (e.g. On Saturday, I will do a review to determine which goals did not meet my expectation- did I need to physically attend this appointment, or could it have been done electronically or by phone? Was I prepared enough for the appointment or did I miss a crucial step before the appointment i.e. fasting before a medical appointment? Were all documents gathered beforehand? Is a follow up appointment required?). Once you assess the value added, benefit realized or impact of your objective, you can then implement any corrective actions, solutions or follow up actions required for the future.
Hope these tips help you in being your best productive self! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


As promised, I’m also linking below the army green bomber jacket featured in my photos:


Source: Garage clothing- while the item is no longer available from Garage clothing, I’ve linked a source where you can purchase the exact item available on Poshmark- click here.
I’ve also posted below some similar items which are on sale now:

Utility bomber jacket– on sale for $30 off!
Outerwear jackets on sale

Here’s to wishing you all a wonderful week ahead filled with purpose, determination and success ✨

~ Lissy

Fashion- Blushing in this Satin Wrap Jumpsuit!

Hi ladies!

Hope your weekend is going great! 🙂

Today, I’m sharing with you this beautiful Satin Wrap Jumpsuit that I recently wore to a friend’s wedding. Let me tell you, the luxurious pink color is gorgeous for a spring wedding, and the satin material gives for such a feminine look. There are so many elements that I love about this piece, including the slit leg which allows you to show off your strappy heels, along with the fit itself (which is true to size btw- I’m wearing a size US 02/ AU 8/S ). I especially love the pockets, as it adds a relaxed feel to an otherwise classy piece and the self tie belt is the perfect detail to complete this sophisticated look!

If you’re thinking of buying this jumpsuit, now is the perfect time to take advantage of their 25% discount! See below for outfit details 🙂

I had so much fun accessorizing this outfit, and would you believe that my entire outfit- from the jumpsuit to the heels are all from Ever New Melbourne!
The link that I’ve shared with you for the actual jumpsuit is from the parent company, called Forever New Group, which is based in Australia (love Australian clothing!).
The peony tear drop earrings that I paired with this outfit matches so beautifully with the pink satin of the suit, and the plunging neckline is perfect for this rose gold stone statement necklace with hanging tassle (currently 37% off!).

To complete the look, this Ring Clutch dusted in a rose shimmer complements the elegant outfit and adds an extra touch of flair as it’s paired with matching rose gold heels.

Please do leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post! I’m always eager to engage with you all. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo

~ Lissy

Maddison Satin Wrap Jumpsuit – AU$119.95

Peony Tear Drop Mini Hoop Earrings – CA$14.99

Serena Tassel Torque Necklace – CA$16.95 (37% OFF!)

Lottie D-Ring Clutch – CA$54.99

Rosanna Asymmetric Stiletto Heels (rose gold) – $AU79.99 (similar to item worn in photo)

☀ Friday feels at the pool in this confetti bikini! 🌴

Happy Friday loves!!

I hope you’re all ready for some R&R this weekend- I know I am!

Today’s post features my new favorite bikini which has ALL the features that I absolutely love- the high waist cut, lace up style, stripe pattern, bright colors- everything! I’m wearing a size small in both top and bottom pieces. The top is a bit too tight because I do have a broad back, but I was worried that the medium would be too big as my cup size is small. However, the small bottom is perfect for that cheeky look! 😉 The brightly multicolored bikini screams ‘Summertime is here!’

I paired the bikini with this beautiful beach blanket which I absolutely adore!! From the pattern, print and colors, this blanket is a must for the summer season! I received several compliments on this one 🙂 I have to be honest, the material is not the best quality- it’s as thin as brown cotton, but the lightweight material makes for easy packing and a light load when you have to consider all the items required for a beach run (towel/s, sunscreen, water, book, etc.).

Of course I had to get on board the straw beach tote train as it’s all the trend for 2019! This uniquely crafted chic piece is exactly what I’ve been looking for all spring, and I finally found it at such an affordable price! The bag itself is not your regular beach bag, it’s great for small items and I’ve used it as more of a beach handbag/accessory to place sunglasses, a book, beach blanket (the lightweight material is perfect for folding into this bag!), sunscreen, wallet and keys. The tote is open and has no zipper/clasp, so do consider this if you decide to buy it. For some people, an open bag is not secure and can be the deciding factor on whether to buy or not, as weather conditions or possibility of theft is always a risk.

Finally, no trip to the beach is complete without a sun hat! I recently bought this floppy hat and I am so pleased with the coverage it provides! The black and white colors are basic which I did consider before buying, as any swimsuit can be paired with it, and I thought the label ‘Vitamin Sea’ is so clever and witty!

As always, I’ve included below the source of all items described, so be sure to check them out!

Wishing you all an amazing weekend! xo

~ Lissy

Source: Revolve
Bandeau Bikini Top in Confetti – CA$62.88
Lace Up Bikini Bottom in Confetti – CA$88.30

Beach Blanket:
Source: SHEIN
Ombre Feather Print Round Beach Blanket – US$10.00

Straw Beach tote:
Unfortunately Forever 21 no longer has this item in stock online, so I can’t link the exact product, but I’ve linked a similar one 🙂
Source: Amazon
Aolvo Natural Chic Hand-woven Straw Bag – CA$29.20

Floppy Hat:
Online product not available, so I’ve linked similar items below:

Source: Etsy
Vitamin Sea Floppy Hat – CA$69.86

Source: Amazon
Women’s Beachwear Sun Hat Black and White Striped Straw Hat – CA$14.57

Source: La Vie en Rose
Sun Hat: Neutral – CA$25.95


My top 5 techniques for acing the PMP Exam!

Happy Tuesday folks! 


I hope your week is starting off to a great start! Many of us tend to dread the upcoming work week being stuck in our 9-5 desk jobs, but luckily, we turn to our hobbies to get through those down in the slump moments. And I for one, absolutely love what I do- most of you know that I recently began my blog- Living Lissy last April and while I’ve been making a huge effort trying to balance my work life, personal life and blog, I must admit, I could make more of an effort, which is what I intend to do in 2019!

If you haven’t already read my previous posts (only 2 posts created since my Christmas giveaway!), I had recently taken a 3 month hiatus to focus on attaining my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. As I successfully passed my exam on March 27, 2019, I was overjoyed for two reasons- 1) those 3 months of intensive studying actually paid off, and 2) because I could finally resume blogging and reconnecting with you all! What I’ve learnt in my 1 year of creating a blog is that it takes 100% effort along with consistently creating valuable content.

Despite facing the possibility of losing my followers (which took all year to build!), I knew that I needed to do this certification, as it aligned with my career goals. I also told myself that with some hard work, dedication and discipline, just like acing the PMP exam, so too will I ace my blog this year! It will take time, but I’m committed to growing my blog and social presence and most importantly, connecting/re-connecting with you all!

This post is aimed at explaining why I’ve been so MIA as well as sharing with you my top 5 tips for successfully passing the PMP exam. So let’s get right into it, shall we?
The exam itself is not difficult; don’t be fooled by what you may have read from those websites trying to scare you into purchasing their courses, questions, exam preps, etc. The course is extremely comprehensive- that’s the key difference. It’s not difficult, because once you learn, conceptualize and understand the material, you can then transfer your knowledge and apply it to the real life situational based questions and in the project management world. However, the content itself can be overwhelming. Here are a few of the strategies that I used to prepare for the exam:
1.     Schedule your exam as soon as possible

Do it now! What are you waiting for? The only person holding you back is YOU. That moment when you have a firm date in mind, is when you can determine your studying strategy and how much time that you think you’ll need to be prepared for the exam. I did tons of research on the average PMP study time, and many resources advised at least 3 months to a maximum of 6 months – 1 year. While I did a 3 day boot camp PMP course provided through my work, I had no confidence that I would be ready for the exam even after the course. I knew that I myself needed to study on my own time in order to understand the concepts and retain the information at my own speed (people learn at different speeds and that’s completely fine!). I finally set my mind on attaining the certification in quarter 1 of 2019 and began studying on January 9, 2019 with the goal to write my exam on March 27, 2019.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I was tempted to change my exam date (literally- I had logged into my PMI account to see the alternative dates for the possibility of rescheduling), but in the end, I wanted the exam to be over and done with. If I didn’t pass, then at least I would know what my weak areas are and the areas for improvement and simply re-sit the exam. The thought of failure consumed me as the exam date approached, but I stuck with it and told myself that I would never know if I could do it in one try unless I actually wrote the test- and that was the best decision yet as I didn’t need to re-take the exam 😉

2.     Set a study schedule

I strongly urge you to create a study schedule and stick to it. This includes planning each day with the desired goal or objective, whether it is by Process Group, Knowledge Area, chart, accounting formula, etc. I purchased a monthly dry erase board- I’ve linked a similar board herewhich is only $13.99, which includes space for your own notes! 🙂

I cannot stress enough how important this schedule is for visually mapping your studying goals- trust me! You will refer to this board throughout your entire learning journey right up until the exam day, so do ensure that you invest in it.

3.     Read the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK)

You need to read the book, it’s that simple. I strongly urge you to make a highlighter your best friend as the book is extremely dull- there are no colors or photos- the pages are grey and text is black. It’s almost as if the authors intended for the test taker to fall asleep while reading this book. The content itself is so useful and extremely important as the exam is based solely on the PMBOK (no other source, so don’t be fooled into buying related or similar books if you’re planning to study for the PMP exam), but it is worthwhile to invest in some colored writing material when making your notes. I used the PMBOK V6, but you will need to use the latest published version.

4.     Study time

I studied in the evenings after work, which averaged about 2 hours per night. I would usually get home around 6pm, eat/relax for an hour and begin reading and/or studying at 7pm until around 9pm. I found that this studying technique proved to be so effective when I studied in shorter spans of time, especially after a long day at work.

5.     Invest in resources

Last, but certainly not least, the resources used during my 3-month study journey. These resources were my biggest help, and I can honestly say that I could not have passed the exam without them. Thanks to technology, we’re so fortunate to have free resources at the touch of a button. Here, I’m sharing with you the following tools that aided in my studying:

       Mobile applications:

       PMP Certification Mastery – two Knowledge Areas are free, and there is an option if you choose to unlock the additional Knowledge Areas, but I just practiced the free ones and tracked my progress with the ‘Progress’ feature, which I thought was so handy!

       EduHubSpot – this app is also very useful for assessing your level of readiness and your areas for improvement with the offer of 3 free practice tests: Chapter 1- Introduction Management, Chapter 2- Integration Management and Chapter 3- Scope Management. There’s also a bonus Module practice test which simulates the real exam with 200 multiple choice practice questions in a given time of 240 minutes.


EduHubSpotI absolutely love this channel! The instructor, Varun Anand, simplifies the concepts and terms and helps the student to really grasp the meaning of the concept itself as it relates it to Project Management (in several videos, he uses the example of an automobile shop for us to understand how these terms come into play in real life situations). I really need to give Varun well deserved credit, because he helped me understand and familiarize myself with the Project Management jargon and a special mention to the ITTO Cheat Sheet, to which I referred almost daily.

Praizion This channel was extremely effective in understanding several concepts which I couldn’t quite grasp by reading the text book- the instructor, Phil, clearly explains each Knowledge Area in detail and makes it relatable for easy comprehension. Some of my favorite videos include (in reference to the PMBOK Guide Sixth):

       ITTO Process Map

       One day to PMP Exam

       How to Do Your PMP Exam Brain Dump Like a Boss

       PMP Exam Tips and Tricks for Tough Questions

Engineer4Free– This was my go-to and hands down, my favorite tutorial for learning and mastering the Critical Path technique. This instructor teaches the basics of the Critical Path, from determining the sequence of activities, to mapping the activities, to calculating the Critical Path and project duration. He also teaches how to calculate the Free Float and Total Float which I could not understand from reading only the book (there are certain concepts that just need to be explained in video). 

 Facebook group

The Best PMP Exam Prep I joined this group, which allows for members to post questions, interact with each other and provides a sense of community and support while we’re on this PMP journey 🙂

Additional resources:

– Chapter 1- Introduction Management

– Chapter 2- Integration Management

– Chapter 3- Scope Management

– Chapter 12- Module test 1

Well, there you have it folks- my 5 key techniques on acing the PMP exam! Remember, the most important factor is your drive to succeed- without it, these tips won’t work. When feeling doubtful (and truth be told, the journey may seem daunting, but I promise it’ll be worth it!), always remember the 3 D’s of success: DRIVE, DETERMINATION & DISCIPLINE.

Once you set your goal and commit to achieving the PMP certification, I’m confident that you too will soon be displaying those three letters after your name 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Talk soon my future PMP colleagues,

~ Alicia ‘Lissy’ Balwant, PMP

Palm print bikini 🌴

Hi friend!
I’m writing this short post as I’m lounging by the pool with a cold beverage in hand 😎

I just wanted to share quickly with you this pink palm leaf bikini which is only CA$18.00! The knot bandeau and high cut bottom is such a fun tropical look for a vacation! The matching floral bikini set is so damn cute, that I had to take a picture! Click link below for swim details and take advantage of this fun swimsuit before it goes out of stock! 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xoxo

~ Lissy

Random Tropical Bandeau With High Leg Bikini Set

Hello Sunshine! Feeling sunny in this bright and bold bikini 🌞

Hello my loves!

I’m sorry for being so MIA but life has been super hectic this year! I spent the first three months of 2019 studying for my Project Management Professional exam and I aced it on the first try! I intend to share a post on all the resources that I used to successfully pass such a comprehensive exam, so look out for it! 😉
Apart from achieving the PMP designation, I recently visited the Caribbean for two weddings and I’m so excited to  share the tropical outfits that I wore on the trip!

Let’s start with this bright and bold swimsuit- I’ve been loving the high waist bottoms, and this piece is perfect for a sunny day at the beach or pool! I ordered a size Small and it’s only CA$19.00 (US$14.00). I especially love the pop of yellow against this multi-color feather patterned beach blanket, which is only CA$14.00 (US$10.00).
Finally, what’s a beach day without beach sandals? Even a beach outing deserves a cute pair of slides and this footwear is PERFECT for a day out, whether on the sand or the streets. The cute decorative bow adds a feminine touch, don’t you think? Scroll down for photos and links to each item!

With summer season fast approaching, I’ll be sure to post the perfect attire for every outing! Bye for now dolls! xoxo

~ Lissy

Textured Bandeau With High Cut Bikini Set – US$14.00

Ombre Feather Print Round Beach Blanket – US$10.00

Bow Slide – CA$25.95